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This is because the essay, or research paper, is the preeminent assessment tool in the Anglo-American educational system, especially in Liberal Arts programs. More than that, in many disciplines in the humanities, the research paper is not just a testing tool; it is, first and foremost, a learning tool — meaning you learn more about your subject while writing the essay than you do studying, attending lectures, or having your knowledge tested.

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At the very least, you learn differently. The English Composition course sequence, the Writing Center Tutors, this website, and other resources are meant to help you develop your writing skills, no matter your starting level. As you progress in your education, essays will become longer, subject matter and reading material will become more complex, and you will be expected to show growth as a writer and as a scholar. So learning skills and strategies now, when tasks are relatively simple, is crucial to your future success.

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Roman Empire

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Staple foods of East Asia. Also, what are the base spices used, common vegetables, and d Week 6, Assignment - Who am I. How to apply Confucian's idea into current Middle East issue.

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Hi, we are supposed to write a minimum word paper about how could Confucianism ideas could be applied in the Middle Ea I need one page about the language in Poland. Controversy Art and Censorship. Compare and contrast the Polynesian practice and symbolism of tattooing to modern forms of tattooing.

Briefly discuss the The Rhythm Section by Mark Burnell. Daisy Miller by Henry James. The Iliad by Homer. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero.

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