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Students have choosen to pursue graduate study in physics, engineering, law, medicine, or business. The Department of Physics and Astronomy is located in Science Hall, a million-dollar building designed to support the classes and reserach in the physical and life sciences.

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The building includes 27 teaching laboratories, a planetarium, and rooftop observatory with state-of-the-art telescope which all serve to further enhance the teaching of science at Rowan. Each general physics laboratory features twelve experimental stations configured with computers and instrument interfaces which are used in introductory classes for data collection and analysis, allowing students to concentrate on physical phenomena rather than tedious measurements.

Students who are interested in majoring in Physics should take a full range of high school math courses, including pre-calculus, as well as physics. Rowan's Physics program begins with general physics courses geared toward the development of mathematical and analytical skills. Upper level courses refine these skills and shape the advanced problem-solving capabilities that are important to current areas of scientific inquiry and many carrer choices.

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Search Search. Optics and photonics play an increasingly important role in the computer, communication, and security industries.

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Optical methods are frequently employed in industry for research and quality control. This physics concentration in photonics will prepare students to enter the high-tech workforce in optics research and development.

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The required courses give students a solid theoretical background, extensive hands-on experience, and in-depth knowledge in photonics, as well as experience with the computer program ZEMAX, which is the standard design tool in the optics industry. Why not share!

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Consider some of your experiences in a car. How will you relate the First Law of Motion with inertia? Inertia can propel a driver through a car's front window during a crash if airbags do not cushion their movement.

A driver must apply the brakes to compensate for the inertia gravity creates as a car goes downhill. Consider the motion of the car on the way to school. A car is equipped with wheels that spin. As the wheels spin, they grip the road and push the road backwards.