The writing experiment strategies for innovative creative writing

Hazel Smith is a senior research fellow in the school of creative communication at the University of Canberra and founder of the creative writing program at the.
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From she was a Research Professor in the Centre. Hazel has also contributed numerous articles and book chapters on subjects as diverse as contemporary literature, contemporary poetry, electronic writing, the creative writing process, creative writing pedagogy, contemporary intermedia and relationships between literature and music. Hazel is also a poet, performer and new media artist, and has published four volumes of poetry, three CDs of performance work and numerous multimedia works.

Formerly a professional violinist, she is a member of austraLYSIS, the sound and intermedia arts group.

Hazel was the founder editor of infLect, an online international journal of new media writing based at the University of Canberra , and is now co-editor with Roger Dean of soundsRite, a journal of new media writing and sound, based at the University of Western Sydney. Her website is at www. My research interests span contemporary poetry, experimental writing, electronic literature, the relationship between literature and music and the creative process.

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I am a creative writer currently involved in a number of creative projects including writing a new poetry book which will have both mixed-media content and an accompanying website with mutlimedia works. I am also currently engaged in creative collaborations with environmental artist Sieglinde Karl-Spence, ceramicist Joanna Still and filmmaker Ettore Siracuso. Staff Profiles. Contact Email: Hazel.

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It is certainly a much-needed resource for their teachers, who often find it difficult to introduce their students to the concepts of contemporary literary and cultural theory with practical examples of the art that their students can relate to. I am doing belly-dance classes at the moment and I didn't start to have fun with it until I knew the standard shimmies, body movements, steps and turns.

Then I could extend, re-combine, re-invent and experiment for myself. We all need some knowledge of the bricks before we start building. Hazel Smith claims that creative writing interconnects intellectual and creative exploration and her book aims to demystify the creative writing process. It is not a 'painting by numbers' approach to creative writing, but it is a step-by-step writing manual.

It is not based on pre-conceived forms.

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Hazel refers to word systems rather than structure or genre, with open-ended strategies with diverse outcomes. Writing can be worked out and skills can be learnt, experimentation is fundamental to creativity, and she encourages writers to make their own experiments. It helps if you can visualize yourself as a writer first.

Without being evangelistic about what is good writing Hazel stresses that experimental texts are polysemic, having many meanings and interpretations, and there is a considerable difference between real life and text life. Everything written is a fiction, and texts are composed of other texts.

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It is emphasized that writers do not have 'one unique voice' but many voices, and writing is often a means of becoming a more informed reader. In doing so she does not deny an inspirational kind of writing but shows us that a disciplined writing is no less valuable.

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In I stopped doing every other job in my life. Making poetry my art and my means of financial survival I was probably the first Australian full-time professional performance poet with a wife, family and mortgage since Henry Lawson.